Form Defaults does not work when Copying Sales Order to Sales Invoice


I have set up the Form Default for Sales Invoice to select the “Sales - Account” GL as default.

But when we copy a Sales Order to Sales Invoice, all other form default settings work, except the selection of the “Sales - Account” GL. it is left blank, and I need to manually select the GL account.

Am I missing something here?

It is impossible to tell without seeing the Edit screens of the transactions involved, as well as your form default setup for sales invoices.

What’s the account selected on your Sales Order?

@Ealfardan I deleted my earlier posts as I realised that one can not select an account on Sales Order. Therefore the copy to can not inherit it. So not sure in this case what the solution would be.

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Didn’t know that but now since you brought it up, the solution is to use Non-inventory Items which will carry over from order to invoice and will be categorized according to their setup.

Below are the screenshots from the Form Defaults for Sales Order & Sales Invoice:

Sales Order:

Sales Invoices:

@siyab, you did not show everything I asked to see in post #2. Regardless, you need to understand that when you copy one transaction to another, you override form defaults.

Noted. So I need to manually choose GL account, right?


Correct, if you are copying sales orders to sales invoices. But this is really not more work. You need to select accounts at some point. You have not done it at the sales order stage, so you do it at the sales invoice stage. Additionally, form defaults are generally set up for only one line item. So, if you have more line items on a sales invoice, your default account would only be chosen for the first one.