Default sales account

hello there,

Im wondering while converting sales quotation to sales invoice, all details (quot no., customer details) copied. But it selects ‘account receivable’ account which under ‘asset’ chart of account.

Since ‘account receivable’ we can not add Tax field how Tax amount get populate ?

It suppose to select ‘Sales’ account which is ‘Income’ account where we can add Tax.

Still I can select “Sales” account while converting into “Sales Invoice” but problem is all details disappears.

How to make default account as “sales as income” account while converting sales quotation into invoice. Or while created direct invoice without sales quotation?

Please advise.

It looks like you are entering a “Receive Money” into a cash account which relates to a sales invoice number 187.

Thus the accounting entries are

Debit: Cash account ie increase the cash account balance
Credit: Accounts Receivable/walking customer ie reduce the amount owed.

The sales invoice #187 will have previously

Debit: Accounts Receivable/walking customer ie increase the amount owed.
Credit: Sales - increase the Sales
Credit: Tax Payable: - increase tax owed, if any

Are you trying to enter a cash sale (without an invoice) or a cash receipt with an invoice?

What you have shown has nothing to do with copying sales quotes to sales invoices. As @Joe91 wrote, you have shown a cash receipt, which is currently set up to record receipt of money against a sales invoice. You might find helpful information here: Manager Cloud.