Foreign Exchange Rates not working properly after upgrade

After I upgraded it looks like the Foreign Exchange Rate gains (and losses) are not calculated anymore.

My Billable Expenses are not 0 anymore, while they used to be 0.
I don’t see any items for those anymore in Foreign exchange gains (losses)

I was able to reproduce this on a new business
Steps to reproduce
Add Expense Claim Player in settings
Add Customer
Add 1 Foreign Currency
Add Exchange Rates
Add Expense Claim for Payer 1, Account Billable Expenses → Customer on 31/7/2020
Create invoice for this customer for uninvoiced items on 2/8/2020

The billable account looks like this now:

The foreign exchange gains (losses) are Empty

The 200 CUR is invoiced on 2/8/2020, and the Exchange Rate 3.1 is applied.
But is only credit this amount from the Billable expenses account.

Previously the Billable Expenses account was leveled and this resulted in a loss on the Foreign exchange gains (losses) account.

I could not found any solution to level my Billable expense accounts with additional journal entries.

Your sales invoice is for a date in the future, so Manager will ignore it until August 2nd arrives. Repeat your experiment with dates in the past and see what happens.

Also, most of your screen shots are too small to read.

Okay Let’s do it again, create a new business and make better screenshots and dates in the past

  1. in Customize select Expense Claims, Customers and Billable expenses
  2. In Settings → Create Foreign Currency
  3. In Settings → Create Expense Claim Payer
  4. In Settings → Add Exchange Rates
  5. In Customers → Add Customer
  6. In Expense Claim → Add Expense Claim 30/6/2020, Currency CUR, Billable expenses customer, 200 CUR

At this moment we have a Billable Expense off 66.67 (200 / 3), where 3 is the exchange rate on 30/6

Invoice the customer, so invoice will be created today


Billable expenses is again not in balance

There are Foreign exchange gains (losses)

You have not set a base currency. Therefore, exchange rates are meaningless.

Checked an older version 20.2.1 to compare.

It didn’t calculate a Foreign exchange gains (losses) neither.
But the Billable expenses are level

Version 20.2.1 predated the current scheme for definitions of base and foreign currencies. Comparison of current behavior with any version prior to 20.2.35 is completely irrelevant with respect to foreign currencies and exchange rates. And, in fact, the new currency scheme has been modified even more recently. Further, several bugs have been fixed in the expense claims module since that time.

Rather than complain that something has changed since an obsolete version of the program, illustrate something you believe is an actual problem now, in a properly set up business. Explain why you think there is a problem and what you believe Manager should be showing instead.

In my production system I do have a base currency. which is migrated correctly to be EUR

and I have the same problem, so i don’t think it is related

Then you need to illustrate a problem in that business. We know only what you show.

I’m using Manager for 4 years now, and I do not say that I want to old behavior back. But my year 2017 which is final and was showing 0

After the migration to new version, Billable expenses does show a balance of 42,42 now.

It can be valid choice to calculate the credit (the invoice) with the exchange rate of the invoice date, and the debit with transaction date.

But this will create imbalance on the Billable expenses account, and I can’t find a way to get that balanced again.

I think this exchange rate loss or gain needs to be calculated and there should also be a entry against Foreign exchange gains (losses) account.

This is an accounting system, everything comes back to balance of accounts…

I was able to balance the accounts again by creating a few journal entries and transferred the amount of foreign exchange gains and losses to Factureerbare kosten - Afgeboekt, down know the english name of this account.

So for me this issue is solved

@Paulvm I’m not able to reproduce this issue.

See my screenshot of Summary screen after entering your transactions with invoice dated on 31/07/2020:

And another scenario where invoice is dated on 01/08/2020:

Could you send me your test file to ?


I did already dropped my test database, but I did created a new test again where is reproduces
and again I don’t have any Foreign exchange gains (losses)

What you are showing is actually what I did expect to see

See attachment

Kind regards

bug.manager (56 KB)

I can see the issue now.

Should be fixed in the latest version (20.8.41)