Food costing

can anyone please help me doing a recipe costing, and calculating food inventory items?

This question is far too broad. If you have a question about how to use a feature of Manager, please ask. But you need to be specific on what you want to know about the program.

You can’t actually do a “standalone” costing - that is, if I use these inventory items then the product cost will be x.

However, you could use a “temporary” Production Order to create the product costing but then you will need to delete it as it will transfer actual inventory items.

Alternatively, you could import a backup of your business - name it as XYZ Costings - and use that for costing purposes so your actual business is unaffected.

Thank you guys for your replay.
please let me clarify my situation, I own a small bakery and I started using manager since a while and I am trying to find the best way to manage my inventory.
for example: I am buying items in bulk, but I only use a small quantity in the recipe like a cup of sugar per a recipe
but when I sell a recipe the inventory won’t be decreased by a cup of sugar.
I am not sure if this feature is available to convert purchasing units to recipe units.
Now, shall I consider my purchased items as an non-inventory items or there is a way I can use to help me to manage my inventory, if not it would be amazing to add this feature in near future.
Thank you.

One way to resolve this is to purchase the inventory items in terms of the usage units.
Instead of purchasing 10 kgs of sugar, you purchase 60 cups of sugar - 6 cups to the kg.
Then the recipe will work without extra effort.

Or, if that isn’t practical for all recipes then when buying the bulk items, convert some into usage units.
You purchase 10 kgs of Sugar and then create a Production Order to convert 2 kgs into 12 cups
So you would have two Inventory items - Sugar kgs and Sugar Cups. This 2 kgs could be stored separately or not.

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it is recommeded to use an external inventory management system with recipe function to hadel your request. and at the month end enter these data in manager.


you need to make more than one inventory like Inventory for KG Material, Carton Material based on the material purchased capacity, and one for Work In progress Inventory ( production line ) and one for Finished Products ( the result of Production order) WIP should be always ZERO ( consider this account as Clearing Account ) at the end of the month. summarize the total quantiry used from the production order which is would be avilable in the WIP Inventory. then Transfer from the big size quantity inventory to samll size quanity inventoty to WIP inventory.

Inventory for Per KG Material , Invetory Per Carton Material, Inventory Per CUP, and so on. keep in your mind that you need to define the correct weight for every stage to get an accurate result. in your case you need to create inventory based on size from recipe quantity to big quantity, the receipe quantity should be state in the production order to be reduced from WIP inventories. at the end of the month transfer from big quantity inventories to WIP inventories.

I hope the above will help you to manage you inventory and understandable

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