Drinks and food business

I need your support as I new user for manager, I am using POS system at my front end and doing my accounting by selling finish goods ( noon stock items ) and calculate my cost of by releasing components from Inventory ( as Batch).

You may use Production order feature in Manager to create finish goods as stock items

You can’t just release goods from inventory as batch updates. You need to enter some form of accounting transaction, either a production order, an inventory write-off, a sales invoice, or a receipt.

usually costing based on inventory OB + purchased -inventory EB based on average cost of inventory and stock taking.
I am not accountant but trying to manage appreciate if you can advise how to use Manager to get costing in this way

Any one use Manager in Coffee shop or F&B application can share experience?

@hfathy, generally you either use Inventory Items or you use Inventory OB + Purchased - Inventory EB - you can’t use both, read this lengthy topic Inventory accounting using Opening Stock + Purchases - Closing Stock

With F&B, inventory has quick turnover and/or it is mixed - buy coffee beans but sell coffee drinks. Therefore, if you want to do costings then it is better to setup spreadsheet calculation sheets.

I would like to use Inventory but how can i move inventory to cost of sales with out sales invoice and manual accounts entry ?

Until you make a sale, there is no cost of sales

What we do is creating cash transaction for daily sales as non stock items with selling price and zero cost.
what missing is the cost of sales, How could I do reduce inventory items by transactions ( without sales invoice ) some think like and it will appear at cost of sales?

You can’t but you can move the inventory to cost of sales if you use a “zero value sales invoice”.
You only list the used inventory quantities on the sales invoices without entering any sales values.

Read this topic: Periodic Manual Inventory Adjustment

Using a bar as an example, it sells drinks as spirit nips.
At the end of the day / week / month, you would create a “zero value sales invoice” for the quantity only of empty bottles counted for each spirit.