Big Storage in Folder using Dropbox or server


I am testing the trial version and unable to upload big file that are15mbytes. Could anyone advise if be able to upload such big file size if I am using the server base or cloud base with big storage space for active use.


There’s a 10mb limit at moment. But this limit maybe removed in the future.

See here

You did not say what you meant by “upload.” Are you referring to attachments to transactions? If so, you have you answer from @Ealfardan. If not, what are you referring to?

Hi Ealfardan. Thanks for the info.

Hi Tut, u are correct, I am referring to attachments. I am trying to use as a DMS(document management system) too; somewhat as a lite version.

Sometimes we have big file together and i am trying to upload them (Tiff file eg. 100mbyts). If I use Dropbox with, can it work? I am hoping if there is a higher limit for the attachment and the Folder can have be nested, at least 1 level.

You can change the location of your application data folder to Dropbox. See But that will not change the current limit on attachment size.

You cannot do this. If you attach a folder in Manager, the documents within it are stripped out and attached as individual files.

I really would not recommend this. While Manager allows attachments, it has almost no document management features. You cannot search or organize documents. You would be better off using only the file management capabilities of your operating system.