Fixed/Intangible assets loss on disposal not posting to selected account

if i got gain from the disposal. i already change it to ‘Gain on Disposal’ acccount. but the amount still catch up at loss on disposal account? any suggestion?

Please do not divert topics with unrelated questions. Your question was not about control accounts.

You need to illustrate what you think is a problem with screen shots.

I may have duplicated what you are seeing, @iszza93. But my experiment did not come out quite like what you describe. Disposal gains/losses will not post anywhere except Fixed assets - loss on disposal. In my tests, I can edit the account to which these gains/losses should post, but they only post to that account if it is the default Fixed assets - loss on disposal. I cannot figure out where the transaction is posted if another account is chosen.

The identical behavior occurs with intangible assets.

last week i got gain on disposal. after new update. they couldn’t catch up the gain on disposal even i linked the gain of disposal acc. They amount still in loss of disposal with negative amount.

before this i use general ledger to remove the negative amount and put back to the correct account. but this time. they still cant catch up the amount

Thank you, @iszza93. We are seeing slightly different behavior:

  • You are seeing a posting to the default account despite choosing something else.
  • I am seeing no posting anywhere unless the default account is chosen.

What version number are you using? I tested with v20.7.5.

currently im using the latest version. i just download it last night

That isn’t the latest version. There have been several today. What is the actual number? Determine version number | Manager.

currently mine is 20.7.5

Fixed in the latest version (20.7.9)