Fixed assets update or Create

I have 12 new assets to add to the asset list,
Which is the best way to get them in batch update or batch create? I dont want to over write whats already there just want to add the new ones.

also can I make a report which gives me the purchase date for the assets already in manager

If you ONLY have 12 assets to add, add them using the New Fixed Asset button

KISS - Keep It Simple, Sxxxxx is the very best advice

As for the purchase date, I don’t know. If it is important, add a custom field to the Fixed Asset to hold this information

Some fixed assets may have more than one purchase date eg where you purchase an asset one time and then upgrade it later

Oh my gosh I haven’t heard that KISS saying for 45 years I went to the conference they first held. Any way I am really not sure how to take that statement are you calling me stupid??
The whole reason why I asked because I like to save time and use the features manager has when you have nearly 60 clients its good to save a bit of time and thats why they bring these features out to use.
Besides if you can not answer the question dont say anything another old saying.

As my assets go through the system the purchase amount will be in the recording of the purchase of the asset which will have the date so I found what I was looking for

Sorry, I wasn’t being rude - I just thought that setting up a file for a batch create of 12 assets would take as much time as creating the assets in Manager and would be less prone to error and mistakes in data entry

Was much quicker to use batch create and it did not over write the other assets.
Excel is easier to use for me anyway with things like that

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