Fixed asset date of purchase

Is there a way to get report on fixed assets that will include date of purchase?

Fixed Assets could have multiple purchase transaction, so the date is not associated with the asset but with the purchase transaction

You could add a custom field to the Fixed Asset form if you wish to associate a Purchase Date with the asset in addition to the purchase transaction(s)

Can I get that field value in a report though?

Also, and this may require another topic, I can’t seem to find custom fields for Intangible Assets ?

See this Guide: There is an example of using custom fields for purchase dates and other information. While this does not show on the Fixed Assets Summary, you could export the Fixed Assets register from the tab. Be sure to set the custom fields to show as a column.

For some reason, custom fields are not available under the Intangible Assets tab. I don’t know why. Probably an oversight.