First time user - export help

Hi all,
I’m evaluating Manager for my wife’s small business, and the software looks very easy and intuitive.
However, I cant find how the data is exported for email to accountants?
How is this handled by Manager please?
Is there a way for data to be shared with accounts that don’t use manager?
I searched on “export” but nothing came up?

You can use the “Copy to Clipboard” function in just about every report and tab/module, then paste into Excel or another spreadsheet program to share information with your accountant.

However, the easiest approach may be to direct your accountant to download the free desktop version, then make a backup of your file, and send the backup to your accountant; they should be able to load your whole business file directly into their copy.

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  1. Use backup in Manager then send the backup to your accountant
  2. Use the cloud product and create a user for your accountant

Thank you, very helpful. I found the backup button.
How does the accountant get the data out of manager and into their selected software?
I think most accountants use myob.

From there they

their in house accounting software.

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thank you.
that makes no sense to me, so I will get my accountant to have a look and let us know?

Why don’t you give your accountant the desktop installer and have them try manager out.

I am also an accountant and I got converted by one of my clients, you know. :slightly_smiling_face:

Cool to have u aboard :handshake:

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