My Accountant insists we change to MYOB

We only use a GL, as we don’t have debtors, creditors or hold inventory,
everything is paid by cash, no overdraft, its a very small business.

Our accountant is insisting we change to MYOB as he states this saves him
work and he can simply import the backup from MYOB to his accounts, and
it saves so much data entry.

My question is - Can I export the data from the Manager software in a format
that he can import into his software?

I run the end of year financial reports for him, TB, P&L and BS, and I
print out the GL histories for the accounts he requests.

I really hope you can answer this for me. TIA

No, you cannot export your Manager data file in any format that can be imported to any other program. But if you are doing all the work, why does your accountant need the file? :wink:

Thats what I cant figure out, why would he need to?

Ask him. My accountant has never needed raw data.

The accountant can do all the required reports directly from Manager and can download the free Desktop Edition to process the reports from your Manager backup file.

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Your accountant is there to do your end of year returns. It is not his place to dictate to you what software you use year round just to save him a little bit of time at year end.

If your accountant is unhappy doing your returns because he wants all his clients to use his accounting program, then you need to get a new accountant. He will only use Manager once a year, you will use it every day year round. Therefore it is you who should decide what accounting program you should use, not him.

Your accountant can use Manager to get all and any information that he wants from the program. Having said that if you are creating the P&L, BS and TB - you have basically done all the work for him so he doesn’t need the raw data. However, I personally prefer to get my accountant to do the P&L etc so that they can optimise my accounts and they can only do that if they can view transactions to see what accounts handle what transactions.

An accountant does year ends, you use the program on a daily basis - it should be you that decides what program you want to use, I would rather ditch the accountant than my choice of accounting program.


Thanks for the responses, much appreciated.

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Your accountant can dowlonad the free desktop version and you send him a copy of your backup, so he only need to import it.