Find & Recode to Control Accounts


For finding and recoding bank transactions, it appears that it is not possible to recategorise a transaction to a control account (e.g. supplier, customer etc.). Is there plans for this feature to be implemented in the future? It would be very handy.

FYI am running manager version 20.10.74

I stumbled upon your post as I am searching for a solution. I think may we may need to get this topic into ideas.

I want to allocate transactions that should been processed to a supplier account. I thought I was going to do it quicker via Find & Recode function but I could not allocate to the Creditors control account.

I do not think the solution requires a whole new implementation as it is already being implemented on the Payment form. The moment one selects Accounts Payable the supplier dropbox appears to select the relevant supplier.

Find & Recode is very old feature at this point. I’m planning to create something generic that would work across all tabs and all fields. Not just receipts and payments and specific fields only.


Thank you @lubos . I have linked the topic as the same solution will address it.

Maybe when we have this new find & recode functionality, maybe then we can limit access to batch operations to administrator accounts only.