Find & merge inventory

Hi, i am using version 20.5.22 on Mac. while going through inventory i have found duplicate items but do not see any warning when i open inventory tab? I remember it was working on earlier versions. Can some please explain why is it so?

@lubos this appears to be a bug. Manager do not seem to identify duplicates in the Inventory Items tab.

any update on it? is this bug removed/updated or corrected?

When corrected, this topic will be removed from the bugs category and the fix will be announced.

will it be corrected / fixed or it’s gone in forgotten list?

It hasn’t been forgotten. There is going to be new Find & Merge which will work across all relevant tabs, not just inventory. That’s why it’s taking longer.

I have 3 duplicate entry in my Inventory Items . but manager not showing me any yellow box over my Item code or Item Name . i also dont find and " find and merge " option in list . please guide me .