Find & Merge feature for duplicate inventory items missing

I have 3 duplicate entry in my Inventory Items . but manager not showing me any yellow box over my Item code or Item Name . i also dont find and " find and merge " option in list . please guide me .

You are replying to a 4 year old topic!
There have been hundreds of updates since then, so it isn’t necessarily relevant any more

What edition and version are you using?

The feature is missing. I have moved the report to a new topic so it is not buried at the end of a 57-post topic and classified it as a bug.

I am using 20.10.66 version in Linux .

Sounds similar to this bug

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Thanks, @Patch. I thought there was such a bug already, but for some reason, nothing came up in my search. I must have misspelled something.

I have removed this topic from the bugs category and joined @julka.concettolab’s post to the existing bug report. I have also closed this topic.