Find and Recode in payment and receipt show empty suspense

I’m new and exploring some features, and just found this Find and Recode feature in Payment and Receipt. Tried to search for any suspense account, and found 1 empty line in both Receipt and Payment. The date shows 01/01/0001 and nothing is filled in the form. Tried to search in the Receipt and Payment and cannot find the transaction. Go back to Find and Recode, edited the transaction and filled something in the description, update, and go to Receipt to search the transaction that i just edited, and still cant find it in the Receipt list. @Tut please see if you can find/reproduce this. I attached the image. Thanks.

Nothing can be reproduced based on information you’ve provided. You are asking others with no access to your data to find something you can’t find yourself.

Sorry i didnt mean to reproduce, i mean, see if you can find an empty line with suspense account in Find and Recode list, because i found 1 line in Receipt and Payment in all business that i’ve created. And i cant find it in the Receipt or Payment list, only showed in find and recode, so i guess its not a record user created. Maybe a bug?

You need to show the complete edit screen (click on the edit button).

oh, ok this is the edit screen. just showing a normal empty payment form with some default field check. If i input something and saved, for example i input description, it will show in the find and recode list screen, but still no record showing in the payment list.

So select under Account a payment account. This payment will then be assigned to that account and disappear from suspense.

Read the guides on how to clear payment from suspense. Clear transactions in Suspense account | Manager

This is not the case, the problem is i never create any empty transaction record, but it showed one empty record in find and recode list. even if i want to delete it, i can’t find any empty record in my payment list (and also in receipt same thing happened).

Show screenshot of your payment HISTORY (click history button on payments tab) for the dates around 12/01/2023 (the date of the payment). That it does not show on the payments list is because it is in suspense, because you did not assign it to an account. Manager does not by itself create records. Maybe you have been trialing a Batch Create or whatever other thing. You already indicated that you are new and therefore it is even more important to study the guides as trial and error quickly gets you into trouble.

By the way you should go to bank and cash accounts and click on the “Kas Kecil” amount. This is where all entries be it payments and receipts can be viewed.

The date of the payment was 01/01/0001 as you can see in the pic.

It only showed 12/01/2023 when i open the edit form because today is the default date of the empty form. And i have not created any batch create. i dont think manager create any records, i’m guessing the find and recode list showing one addition line in the list. maybe you can check in the find and recode and find something like this?

On your edit screen it is 12/01/2023 but today is 12/01/2023. I ask you again to provide the History screenshots and please also a screenshot of Kas Kecil with all entries.

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this is the screenshots @eko

Thank you, now from the history list view and show screenshot of the Latest Zahra (Payment - 9) Update and the Payment - 8 by Administrator.

ok this are the ss of payment history #8 and #9