Accounts showing as Suspense for control accounts during Find & Recode

I dont understand why I can not get this right I normally have no trouble. OK I have gone into find and recode and poped in suspense and it has bought up everything great but I have noticed it has bought up assets I have coded as well(one of them has the GST)

here is that one drilled down to

here is how it is set up

very strange because if I go into balance sheet and click on the Plant and equipment @cost it comes up right and it is not sitting in suspense

Everything else is correct but it just shows in suspense in find and recode which is not a problem as I can just ignore it

The transaction you showed is in Suspense because you have no payee.

that does not seem to make a difference as the next one does and it is still in suspense

It isn’t on the list you showed.

It is but I just did not go down far enough here is the list

Let’s clarify one point.

Your first screen shot showed every transaction in Suspense. Are all those transactions really in the Suspense account if you drill down from the Summary page? Because there is a difference between what shows during the Find & Recode process from what is in the account. This question is reinforced by your screen shot in post #7, which shows only a few transactions in Suspense. And that screen shot may not be from the Find & Recode process. You implied it was a continuation of the list shown earlier, but it looks quite different. It may be from a different list, for which you have shown no breadcrumbs. So I really don’t know what it is.

Meanwhile, can you check whether a lock date or start date are set. If so, what are they?

Yes sorry Tut I guess it was confusing for someone else to look at so will start again
so here is my fixed asset set up

Here is the find and recode for just the assets

here is a drill down on one of the assets in the above list that does have a PAYEE and is still in suspense

here is screen shot of a drill down to fixed assets under various power tools

start date is set to 01/04/2017
no lock date set truth be told I did not even realize there was a lock date but it is just me that uses manager so no need really

That all looks correct. Is there a balance in the Suspense account on the Summary page? If so, what does it show?

Yes but it has none of those entries in it.It just really brings up the wrong account when in find and recode(I hope) if thats the case and it affects nothing else I can live with it

The last 2 entries that have suspense next to them on the find and recode list are from last financial year and they were correct last year but now they are sitting in suspense in the find and recode as well
is it how I have set the accounts up?

funny the very last find and recode was last year and it has been disposed of last year and all was correct in the last financial year end statements

and the one on the 11/03/2020 was last year and it is on the find and recode list with suspense next to it and its in the fixed assets
asset report unfortunately you can not drill down on this report and I hate that the disposed of one from last year is at 0 balance but still showing

All my clients are the same .and the asset report shows all the disposed of or 0.00 balance assets some going back 6 years make a confusing report for the client with all these old assets in it. will have to try and take them out for now. Right on year end tax time too

can anybody help and see what I am doing wrong

Well, you have introduced a completely separate issue by bringing up disposed assets showing up on the Fixed Assets Summary. That looks like a bug, but needs to be in a separate topic.

Ok thanks for moving it

@Tut so where did we get to on the original problem of the assets still sitting in suspense in the find and recode as well as the disposed ones . they appear to be in the right place everywhere else but just showing in find and recode still as suspense

We did not get anywhere, except the secondary problem with the Fixed Asset Summary already got fixed. I frankly did not know how to test this, because I do not have your clients’ payments to try the Find & Recode function on. But now, I’ve tried it in several companies, both real and test businesses.

As far as I can determine, this problem occurs on all receipts or payments where the line item account is a control account with subsidiary ledgers: Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, or Special accounts, etc. It does not seem to have any dependency on payer or payee type. And it occurs when there is nothing in the actual Suspense account.

So I think it is a bug and am moving the topic to the bugs category. I also edited the title to better describe the problem.

Thank you @Tut. Am I right in thinking that it does not affect any of the actual accounts as such and I can go ahead and do the reports and tax returns.

I believe that is correct. But, since I don’t know why this happens, I cannot be sure. What I can tell you with certainty is that it has not affected balance sheet or P&L figures on any real business of mine. The most convincing example is a business with low transaction volume, where I have been able to examine and verify every single transaction that shows as being in Suspense when using the Find & Recode function. None shows in the actual Suspense account. And I am able to tell independently that the report figures are all correct.

I have not actually followed through on Find & Recode, because I had no need to do so. Therefore, I cannot say definitely that there are not other issues hidden away that might rise up later or that might interfere with proper completion of the recoding process. I did try that out in a test business and found no issue, though.

If I were you, I would do any necessary recoding manually rather than through the Find & Recode bulk process, just to be safe.