Financial plan template


Is it possible to create our new financial plan with the application?

We need to have a summary of our cash base (outgoing), cost base (income) and costs that we can deduct and spread over 3 years like the purchase of laptop, printer, …

Can you help me with this?

Kind regards


To set up a financial plan template, create (add) a business that is a duplicate of your current business and then create those summaries by using Journals - Journal 1 would be January etc.

Manager is going to have a budgeting functionality coming in soon. Its on the Roadmap However, I do not know when this feature will be implemented, nor how it will work so can’t say whether it will meet your needs in terms of financial plan.

Personally, I think such a financial plan could be created more easily and faster just using a spreadsheet. There is quite a bit of “overhead” effort in setting up a new business in any accounting system. And all the entries necessary will have to be manipulated into looking like transactions. Plus, the available reports are not likely to meet your presentation needs.

Ok, thank you all for the quick feedback!

Not if you import a backup of the business as the “overhead” has already been completed.
With a spreadsheet you would have to start from scratch - creating the COA and modelling the reporting structure

Better then no variety of reports at all, which would apply to a spreadsheet.

I guess the best path depends on what this financial plan is intended for. Is it merely a budget? Or is it part of a business plan? What format is needed? (And I don’t mean what fonts, etc. I mean what is the basic structure for the data?)

The trouble with importing an existing business is that the existing business will be full of transactions, which might have to be deleted before new entries can be made.