Filter, select and copy invoices to single receipt or payment voucher

It is my suggestion if you could provide the option to filter, select and copy the random invoices from customer unpaid invoices statement at once before copying it to receipt and payment voucher. Similar to batch delete.


You can do something like this using Customer Statements - Create receipts or payments from customer or supplier statement

yes, you are right , I aware of this option but can be improve . it is good if you want to select all unpaid invoices for a particular period of time otherwise you need to edit and remove the unwanted invoices before saving the payment or receipt voucher. As I am doing accounting for a school where we issue the separate invoice for tuition and bus fee for the same period of time and record the separate receipts for tuition and bus fees received. So my idea is that if we can able to filter and select the unpaid invoices from customer unpaid invoice statement before copying it to receipt or payment voucher.

@sandher, the feature you describe was added quite specifically at users’ requests so they could generate receipts or payments matching all unpaid sales or purchase invoices. I do not believe you will see it changed.

Think about how much work the alternatives represent, though. In the situation you describe, you could go down a list checking boxes of those items you wanted to include in the receipt or payment before creating the transaction. Contrast that with the current situation, where the invoices are copied to the transaction in a single step, after which you can go down the list clicking X’s for those you don’t want. The amount of work is exactly the same. Only the order of tasks is reversed. The potential for overlooking something is the same either way.