Features - Discount in Dollar, Invoice Template Strings, Invoice Template Style Sheets, billable time description, billable time invoicing


Thank you very much for a a very nice piece of software. Currently setting my business up, I do a bit of IT Consulting, data entry and selling on commission. I have the following questions.

  1. Billable time - I understood there is a discussion/request already going to show the time billed in invoice not as total but as actual entered quantity with unit price, with open issue about converting minutes to decimal and resulting rounding. Will this be coming at all? I am currently working around this by changing the line in the invoice back to hour and rate. I need to make sure clients see my rate, which is not the case if the total amount is shown.

  2. Billable time - is it possible to make the description field bigger, i.e. enable line breaks and longer text? I worked for a client in one session, did three different things, but only tracked overall time. At the moment I solved this by entering 4 time entries, one with the actual time, the 3 others with no time but the description. That shows then up in the invoice as zero units and amounts. Please see picture.

  3. Billable time vs Sales invoice items. I want to track how much I make from data entry vs consult vs commission payments and initially set up corresponding accounts in my COA. But, as the first two income items use the billable time feature, the account used for that is Fees from work in progress. Are tracking codes the correct way then to get a report on how much I make from data entry vs consult? Have not figured out yet how to account for the commission payments, as they happen on sliding scale per item/month and can be paid in separate installments…

  4. Billable time - at the moment every item needs hourly rate manually entered, is it possible to get this automated similar to Sales invoice Item entry? I.e. have predefined items for time tracking where then an additional description can be added onto?

  5. Is it possible to select between a Dollar discount and a percentage discount? Example, a service would be total amount of $46.20, I would like to discount this down to $40. To do this I enter a discount percentage of 13.42% which looks silly on the invoice.

  6. Invoice - I couldn’t find a Due on Receipt option under due date? Is this not available (yet)?

  7. Invoice template - it shows qty and unit price which would be nice to change to hours and rate on invoices that have billable times items (this comes from my point 1). But then I think this would not work when invoicing both time and inventory items on one invoice as hours and rate do not work for items. Maybe on an invoice having two tables, one for billable time and one for inventory items? Please see pic?

  8. Invoice Template - I’m in Australia and not GST registered. ATO has an invoice standard setup (here) that an invoce from a non-GST registered entity needs to display a line No GST has been charged. under the total amount. I did this by editing the invoice template as I did want it in smaller print then the invoice notes field, is there another way to do this?

  9. Invoice Template - it uses fields like strings.balance_due, is there a place yet to edit those strings with custom values? For example, at the moment it shows up in the invoice as “Total”. I would like to change that to “Total amount payable”.

  10. Invoice Template - is a separate CSS style sheet planned for the formatting? Nice to have feature, as it would enable to define a <th> style properly instead of changing every occurrence of <th> in the template manually, or to enable alternating row colors in the table.

Point 9 & 10 only show how much time I have with playing as I don’t have to spend so much time on setting things up. Using desktop Manager 15.0.86 on Windows 7. Thanks very much again for a very nice program.

It will be great to have the billable time invoice showing the rate per hour and the time spent. A car repairs company that worked for my firm actually billed us with an invoice that detailed the time spent on every job and the rate.

Regarding CSS. You can already use CSS for formatting. Just put an inline stylesheet above the first table in your template and of you go.

For example:

<style type="text/css">
td {
    font-size: 150%;
    font-style: italic;
<table style="width: 100%">
    <!-- rest of template -->

Thank you @tomasz . Should have thought of that myself, it’s been a while since I’ve done some coding.