Forward button

Hi. Is there a way to activate a Forward button, similar to the Back button that is found on the top left corner of Manager? The Back button is very useful, but then when we need to go back to where we came from, there is no Forward button.
Hope that this simple feature will be helpful to most users.

Try pressing ‘back’ in the browser … to go to the previous page.

So if you hit the ‘back’ link in Manager … pressing back in the browser after that will actually go ‘forward’ to where you were before. If that makes sense?

EDIT: Unless you’re on the desktop edition. In that case you have no such browser controls.

Hi, yes we are using the desktop edition.
But there is a Back button, but it does not loop back to where we were.

Try right-clicking the page (not a field or any text, just a blank section of the page), and see if the menu that appears provides what you need.

Oh yes, it works! Thank you!
Forward button next to the Back button would still be a nice addition though.

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