Feature Suggestion for Cash Summary (cash forecast)

The cash summary is already an awesome report. But can a budget vs actual (cash forecast vs cash summary) be added? Many organisation have a Cash Forecast aside the normal forecasts and budgets. In my organisation for example we do a monthly cash forecast from which I warn management if we overspending or nearing the limits. This helps us to spend prudently. @lubos ?


This is a GREAT suggestion. I think it will really help in management decision making. @lubos please try and see if this can be IMPLEMENTED.

Looking forward to have this feature in the system

The cash summary is still far from being useful. First of all it needs to show from which profit and loss account the account receivable and payable which is paid is generated (you can do this by creating different control accounts but then you will have an infinite list in balance sheet reproducing profit and loss accounts)… then it needs to have the possibility to order and aggregate the voices. It should be the third main report of Manager together with BS and P&L. Than @lubos could go on developing a financial statement report and a sources and uses report

I strongly feel saying it far still far from being useful is not right. By looking at the report, you can easily see how cash has entered and left the Organisation. Even QuickBooks from versions I know cant give you this instantly like the way Manager does (you have to modify a report) to get that.

I also don’t understand this

We have to remember the title of this report, the title is cash Summary so expect a summary and nothing more. Honestly the cash summary under Cash and Cash Equivalents report is one of the most loved report by me.

I am in the NGO industry now and my workload is very heavy. I made this request so that I could just export this report to Donors who usually require cash bases reports, so, I will just enter program budget (budget lines are coded into COA) and compare at the end of every period the actual cash inflows and outflows vs the budgeted or forecasted. I would just email the report to the donors. Luckily for me, you can now generate this report for every bank or cash account and Donors today require a separate bank account for their programs.

When Cash Flow Statement report is added, it will do exactly this.

So is this the same what is already Profit & Loss Statement (budget vs actual) doing?

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