Feature Request - Link


Would like to see something to help clean up interface. I can see where my entries are becoming unweildly.

For example - show an icon to link PO & PI together, so i can tell at once that a PO has a PI connected to it.

Give option to hide any PO/PI’s that are in paid status.

Same thing for Sales Invoices, give option to hide any that have been filled.

The biggest issue i am running into is that i am starting to have a hard time finding things due to the large number of things.



There will be soon new function that will allow to “archive” old transactions, customers, suppliers, accounts etc. So they are not in main views. For the time being, do you know, there is search box in top-right corner when looking at the list of (for example) invoices?

Not sure what you mean by PO & PI link.


So when in the app, it is not uncommon to create a P.O. Then when the item arrives/or you are ready to pay to then create a Purchase Invoice off of that P.O.

What I am asking for is a visual indicator that I have done that in the PO or PI list view. That way I can tell at a glance if I have created a Purchase Invoice against a particular P.O. without having to go try to track one down.

In the Sales Invoices I can tell something has been done by the status flag.

Effectivily I would like to keep a nice way of tracking a round trip of sales
I order it from a wholesaler
I enter it into inventory
I sell it, perhaps with some other cost (shipping cost for customer)
I receive payment from said sale, I allocate $, including shipping cost for me

I now repeat this a lot.

I would love to see a way to link that whole chain together somehow, so I can see end to end what is going on.

I am good with a starting point of linking Purchase Orders and Purchase INvoices that were related when created.

Hope all of this rambling helps

Thanks for a great product.

As a side note, I am impressed with how good the lowest common denominator for interface across products is working for you, using embedded website. Most tools I have seen for that have been not that good or consistent.


That makes sense.

As per one-to-many relationships. What’s more common? To have multiple purchase invoices to be matched against single purchase order or multiple purchase orders to be matched against single purchase invoice?