Extending Find & Recode

The Find and Recode function is a wonderful addition to MM. It would be even better, in my opinion, if it could be extended to change the account, as well as the category. This can be done already for each single entry. Could this idea be considered??

Also, could the developers consider extending the edit transaction capability to include changing a simple transaction into a transfer and vice versa??

Thanks for all your hard work.

What do you mean by this? Technically speaking, everything is an account in Manager and there are no categories.

Why do you need this? I can imagine use case where you import bank statements and want to convert payment or receipt into a transfer but I’m not sure this is the right approach as you will still end up with duplicate payment or receipt in the other bank account.

I meant being able to change ‘paid from’ to different ‘paid from’ ie Move the transaction to a different cash account.

You are correct. I import some transactions which are transfers between between accounts.

Presently I have to create a new transfer transaction in Acc 1 linking to Acc 2, then delete the suspense transaction, and its equivalent in Acc 2 (if also imported).

If I understand correctly, you are saying, in Acc 1 you save 1 step out of 2 (new transfer, delete old), but still have the 2nd step in Acc 2 to complete (delete reciprocal transaction).

Hope this is clearer.


What is your use case for this?

That’s right. That’s why I didn’t implement any solution to this problem yet.

If you import bank statements, one trick is to create balance sheet account called Inter-account transfers and simply setup a bank rule to post all bank transfers to this account. The account should have always zero balance as all transactions posted to this account will contra each other.

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Thanks for replying.
Move function for management of cockups…

I’ll use your tip re inter-account transfers. Much appreciated.