Feature: Integration with Open Exchange


Feature request that would significantly help those who deal with multiple currencies vs their base currency.

It would be great to integrate Manager with the free API available from openexchangerates.org to automatically synchronise the mid market rates every 24-hours which would then auto apply to any transactions recorded using a different currency vs the system base currency.

This would reduce the admin overhead with having to manually enter exchange rates (considering they change frequently) and significantly improve overall UX for users that fit the above profile.

Brilliant work overall and please keep it up! I trust the above makes sense, if not, please let me know.

Many thanks.

Not everyone needs up to the minute exchange rates.

I use one exchange rate for transactions during the month and a second one for the month end closing

Having daily updates isn’t at all necessary for me

So simple, you toggle the frequency of how often you want to update the exchange rates. Doing this programmatically vs manually is the difference between good and great software.