Facing issue regarding the production order

Facing regarding production order. My finish products is more than against the bill of material there is no any option to add more lines. How i manage it in manager. Further more, I, m adding non-inventory item like production expense in it. except displaying one balance its displaying as a individually item for each expense

Please edit your title and make your issue show in the title so that future users could find this thread easily if it is related to their problem.

There is an ongoing discussion about production order enhancements in the Ideas category: Production Orders - Enhancements Add a vote if you’d like to see those ideas implemented.

we see a lot of changes you adopted in all version from Feb till July 2020. but didn’t still add an option to add multiple finished products in production. Its a too much. Manager made some changes in production order last time but didn’t add this change. Why? Any discussion under process or we need to move towards other softwares. We are thinking your prioritized the issues. but your making changes least use but not made that changes which under voting from 2017 year.

Your decision to use or not use a product or service should be based on what that product or service actually provides, not what you would like it to become.

You should only expect a product change when you have directly commissioned and paid for the changes. If that’s what you want you will need to look elsewhere.

Having said that there are nearly 200 ideas listed in the ideas category on the forum, and Lubos is working through them at a reasonable rate so you may get lucky.

last time i asked from your teammate, how much i cost for to make that change. I can pay you for that change. its not easy for me switch from it. If you or your interested in some kind of agreement for it. I’ll appreciate for that thing too. Actually the product like manager i didn’t found. If you have any solution like then share i will switch from it. as you mentioned, is it possible in case of commissioned and paid for the change. kindly share things regarding it with me via personal message or my account email. I will wait for you.

@mhassam_02, there is no customized development of Manager available.