Exporting supplier statements

@jasdroidbd Can you justify this? Are you going to actually send your suppliers a statement? Because it should be the other way around.

Supplier statement looks professional like customers statements.

Also i am wondering whether there is any provision of a supplier statement where a single supplier managing multiple projects and we can track the payments on a project basis?

In windows (at least) if you re-associate the file type tsv with Excel it will open directly.

Please add Supplier Statement same like Customer Statement.This will help to send supplier statement for accounting confirmation.

May be this is not good in business.

Please add this option

While working with the supplier screen. It shows
Purchase Invoices Supplier credits Accounts payable
and when we go to the details of accounts payable / supplier credit it shows automatic credit / debit. Is it posible instead to have the actual payment amount instead of automatic credit. Asit shows in supplier / customer statement. This way it is easier to reconcile.

If this is not possible then can we add one more tab suppllier statement / customer statement in the same screen as it is quite cumbersome to go through the reports tab.

Automatic application of supplier/customer credits happens when you are carrying an available balance for the supplier/customer. It has nothing to do with any payment/receipt you enter. In fact, the application of an automatic credit shows that you should not be making/receiving the full amount of an invoice at all, because someone has already paid someone else too much. So reconciliation will never occur until you take notice of the balance and clear it by application to invoices. That’s what Manager does for you automatically.

I like your idea of being able to jump to a supplier/customer statement from the supplier/customer tab. I think it would require a reversal of operations, though. Currently, you select a statement type, then a date range if necessary, and finally choose possible suppliers/customers. Your idea would require supplier/customer first, then type and date range.