Download sales invoices in an excel format

"If you’re on a Windows system, associate the extension .tsv with Excel. (Google is your friend if you don’t know how to do this. Search for something like “Windows default file associations.”)

This was an answer I got I have no idea how to associate the extention .tsv with excel nor the second answer
Can somebody help with a simple explaination if there is

You don’t have to associate the extension with Excel. In Excel, you can simply go to “Open document”, find TSV file and open it that way.

I have tried the way you suggest
In Microsoft office 365 there is no tab for tsv file so I used open all documents this takes you to text import wizard .The problem is the numbers are in text format so you cannot sum them
Is there away of importing into excel and have the numbers as numbers and not as text?

This is not a question concerning Manager. The answer depends on the operating system and exact version of Excel you have installed. Look it up in Excel Help. The procedures have changed in various versions of Excel, but it can definitely be done.

I have looked in Excel help and nowhere do I find how to convert a tsv file or WordPad
to excel

That’s not the right question. You already know how to open the TSV file in Excel, since you said you’ve already done that. Your problem is that when you do that, the numbers are imported as text. If you’ve determined that you cannot get Excel’s text-importing wizard to import your TSV file’s numerical columns as numbers, then what you need to learn is how to convert those imported text columns back to numbers in Excel. Ask that question instead.

following on the above query I am now asking the question .
how to convert those imported text columns back to numbers in Excel
Although not sure why you could not advise me then
Thank you

You know, while you waited 3 months for an answer to that question, it took me only 3 seconds just now to type exactly those words into Google ("how to convert those imported text columns back to numbers in Excel") , and up popped the step-by-step answer. Try it.

This is not a question about Manager. This is a question on how to use Excel. It does not belong on this forum.

I have tried all methods to convert the sales report to numbers
When you export the numbers are exported like this
This shows up in the numbers as general. There a 3 methods I found to convert and none of them work
I have used them as a sample where I have entered a number as text and used the method to convert to numbers and it works . But not with the export of the sales orders
I understand this is not your function do explain queries outside the manger’s sphere, but I need to know if it can be done or not

I understand that this is not your function and is outside manager sphere but surely someone has to tell me yes or no whether an import of outstanding orders can be converted to numbers from text


Workaround: If you empty your Base Currency field, will export numbers.

Thank you very much
I have been asking for a long time and all the eperts in the forum keep telling to google how to convert text to numbers which does not work
you method is simple and works fine