Export Account Codes as a separate field

We have been using Manager for about 3 weeks now and groping and feeling our way forward. I must say that we are very happy the way we have adapted :slight_smile:

Having entered a bit of data (no, not all of it, so the reports are still inaccurate), I wanted to export data to compile and work merging data of two divisions (different currencies). I also wanted to work on some KPIs.

The problem I faced was that the formulas in Excel had to be extra long and tedious creating as the account codes were merged with the account description. Is it possible to add an extra tab between the account code and the account description for export of data? For now, I have used text to columns and moved forward but would appreciate if you could do this from the back end.


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Can you be more explicit? What are you trying to export? Please post a screen shot that illustrates what you think is giving trouble.

Oh! Sorry, for not being clear enough.

Ok! So, I first export the TB and paste it in Excel.
Note:- The figures in the red box were in the credit column but I moved into the debit column so that excel can pull all the information from one column.

You will notice that the account codes are merged into the same cell as the account description.

I have got an Excel sheet:

In this sheet, you will notice that I have got account codes inserted. I would like to either vlookup or sumifs or sumproduct and pull data on to my excel sheet using the account code in the exported TB and my file.

Currently, as the file exported from manager has the account codes and description are merged into one cell, I have to split them manually in order to use the vlookup or any other function in Excel.

I hope that was clearer.

Thank you

You can achieve this with an excel formula.