Expense Detail Report

How do I create an expense detail report for multiple GL accounts? What I’m looking for is very close to the General Ledger transaction report, however it seems like the GL transaction report can only be produced for one GL account at a time. Is there a way to get a similar or same report but for multiple GL accounts at a time?


Use the General Ledger Summary to view the account details of each account and copy them to the clipboard.

The General Ledger Transactions report is one account or all.

Thanks Tony. Seems like I still have to click each account individually to get the details, then copy and paste each one separately.

Thanks, didn’t realize I could do it for all accounts at once. That will work with a minimal amount of additional work.

One additional question, am I able to add tracking code to the General Ledger Transaction report? Either as a filter before the report is run or as an output in the report.


Tracking Codes does Not Exist Now And replaced By Divisions.
if you are Talking About Account Codes Then these are not Used For filtering But only For Information Purpose.

Hence Cannot be used for Filter the Report that is In-Built Into System.

Note :- General Ledger cannot be Filtered by the User. it has to be used As it is ( Account Wise ).

@tpitot, @Omnipotent.inc has answered your question. But, since you asked me directly, I’ll give you a one-word answer. No.

Thank you