Expense Claims Request

Hello and Seasons Greetings

Please may I request a new feature associated with expense claims?

At present, Cash Account transactions are linked to Expense Claims generally, but not to any specific claim. May I suggest automatic numbering, rather than optional numbering of each claim, and then the ability to link each claim number to a specific transaction, as is the case with Invoices.

Thanks for considering.

Without passing judgement, I will observe that your seemingly simple request has complex implications. Remember, there are three types of expense claims payers. Associating payments with specific claims implies an additional tier of sub accounts within capital account members, employees, as well as separately defined claims payers.

That would require transforming expense claims from inputs to three separate control accounts to a control account in its own right, with capital accounts, employee clearing, and expense claims liabilities being subsets of expense claims. That isn’t trivial and would have far-reaching impacts.