Expense Claim Payer_Payee display

As per topic, I am feel a bit confuse whether, Expense Claim should have both payer and payee name in the Expense Claim Printable format.

Look at the screenshot.

I use latest version 17.4.47

I’m kinda confuse, is payer means myself as business owner pays to the person I owed, payee, or Payer is the one I owed and payee is the one the person I owed pays to whom, like mechanic?

Read the Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/best-practices/expense-claims. As it says, Payee is the entity to which money was paid by the Payer.

In my case, ariff is myself, norbaini is someone I owed, so the correct treatment is the latter, norbaini paid to mechanic whom she paid on behalf of myself.

The correct classification that I understand is, Norbaini = Payer, Payee=the mechanic, am I wrong @Tut?

The guide is clear for me, it just I confuse the correct treatment. I have mild dylexic that cause myself understand in the opposite way.

Expense Claim:
To record the payment between someone I owed for paying on my behalf to Mechanic whom Someone I should paid at that point of time.

This transaction involve: Payer: Norbaini, Payee: Mechanic.

Reimburse to Norbaini *payback":

I just use cash account module function to of “spend money”

The Payee : Norbaini, and I credit it from cash-in-hand and debit it to expense claim account?

Everything in your last post describes the correct process and correct identities of payers/payees.

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Thank you @tut!