Expense claim approval

I am looking for an expense claim software that can automate the expense claim process by allowing the employee to submit expense claim online, scanning the expense receipts and email alert to the approvers to approve the expense claim online. Noted that some expense claim software, like expensify can synchronize with some software, like Xero.

Is there some expense claim software you recommend or can have the synchronize function with the Manager accounting software? Thank you.

If you subscribe to the Cloud edition, then the expense claim can be entered online and in the “View” mode attachments can be added.

thanks. Can the Manager software provides email alert for approval to approve online and view the approval status?

Manager does not have a two-step process where you approve the expense claim. Once the expense claim is entered it reflects on the accounts immediately although the admin will have the rights to edit or delete those expense claims.

There is no alerts if a new expense claim has been entered although the total number of transactions of each module will be shown like below.

But this topic has raised the idea of two step posting process or “Accept and Post” feature where a particular user is given the access or privilege to accept and post created vouchers/transactions into the general ledger.
This can be used for Purchase Invoices, Expense claims and journal entries especially and will be useful in many other places too like Inter Account Transfers, credit notes, inventory write off etc. for control and supervision purposes.

However a well establish accounting process in every organisation involves the use of forms which get checked, authorised and finally approved, all by different people in the chain of command who will just sign the doc.
The data entry officer then will only enter or create the voucher in the system only if the voucher has been approved already thereby removing the task of approving an entry in the app by the account officer or whoever will be doing the accept and post…

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Ability to authorize or approve necessary transactions might be considered as an idea.

But only the cloud and server editions are multi-user and desktop edition is not. so having this feature, if implemented, should be optional that can be enabled or disabled under Manager settings. Else, for a single user with the desktop edition it will be an increased workload.

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Great if Manager is able to create this new fuction to allow setting of approval chain and email alert to next step approver to approve the payment of either invoice from suppliers or employees’ reimburement, like some current expense claim system such as Expensify.

I think creating this new fuction will create great value to many users who are currently approving the expenses manually, and this will definitely attract more customers to subscribe for the cloud or server version of Manager too.

Currently using manager desktop. This would be the reason for me to go cloud/server.
Could be a status field, or maybe ExpenseClaims (draft, readwrite) + Expenses (approved, readonly)

This seems more like something that would benefit from an “addon” or integration with Manager than something directly within Manager itself (outside of an approved/denied field to reflect if it actually hit the ledger).