Breakdown of fixed asset in balance

I need to have breakdown of fixed asset in balance sheet - ho to do this?
Asset entered in Fixed Asset form appears as TOTAL (what is bad) and if introduced trough Chart of Accounts it does not appear in Fixed asset form and balance sheet stands as separate line (which is bad as well).
What is workaround for that?

You breakdown the fixed assets by setting up Chart of Account control accounts and then re-allocate the fixed assets under the Fixed Assets tab to those control accounts - so all fixed assets would be grouped under the Fixed Assets tab but shown on the Balance Sheet in breakdown accounts.

Read this Guide: Add custom control accounts | Manager. There is a specific example for custom control accounts for fixed assets.

Always search the Guides first with your questions. For better luck getting answers to your many questions, see the FAQ: FAQ - Manager Forum.

I believe, this can be done with cash accounts as well, isn’t?