One more Level for Fixed asset

please consider the inclusion of one more level for Fixed assets , Fixed assets, accumulated depreciation and Fixed assets - depreciation accounts. This feature will enable users to group their fixed assets properly.
This way Fixed assets will be the main account and then in it, various sub accounts and in these various sub accounts the fixed assets items. so we can have Furniture and Fittings sub account, Vehicles sub account, Plant and Machinery sub account, Computer and Office sub accounts etc

During the creation of the items we will select which sub account under Fixed assets the item falls under.
Currently the Fixed assets account can only show one level, i.e right after clicking on it the fixed asset items are lined up. The user will create the groups of their choice, or for a start you may add default groups.

I don’t think it will be necessary for Intangible assets since most companies have a small number of Intangible asset to account for

Thank You

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Good suggestion for large Fixed Asset lists. I would like this too.

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Please comment with your support if you like the idea

Don’t quote me, but I suspect that this feature could be part of the custom control accounts - #1 on the roadmap:

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what a nice thing it wll be, we may even be able to create a custom control accounts to separate inventory. For example, a seperate inventory control account for office use inventory items, e.g printer catridge and other office consumables, and inventory control account for production of finished goods for sale items. :wink:

@Brucanna is correct, this will be addressed by custom control accounts.

Agree with @Abeiku
What is the expected date for the upgrade ?


Request to keep both options of viewing the BS open as per user discretion for the Fixed assets.

The ability to see different account groupings will require you to actively set things up that way in your chart of accounts. It will not happen unless you want to change your account structure. In other words, you will be able to retain your current setup if you want. But once you set it up, you will not be able to toggle back and forth between account arrangements, if that is what you mean.