Existing Text in Invoice Template

I have in the past created an invoice template with specific text. However for the life of me I can no longer find the original text as I want to change a few items and thus create a template text that will be the same on all invoices I raise and send to customers. How do I do this. Ordinary text is fine I don’t need HTML.

You seem to be referring to the Notes field of a standard sales invoice. This is located below the balance due. To modify, click on Edit for any existing sales invoice, then the blue text set default to the right of the Notes heading. Type or edit what you want to appear in the box that appears. The default text will appear on every new sales invoice, but will not change existing ones. The default text can be edited for individual sales invoices as they are being created without affecting the default text that appears on subsequent ones, as long as you don’t go through the set default routine again.

Tut, you are right on the mark. As soon as I read your response I remembered. Such a simple thing but happens a lot when you get to be a senior citizen. Thank you again for your prompt response (as always)