Profit margin report

Would it be possible to add the option “Exclude inventory items with no movement” also to the Profit margin report? I understand that if there are no sales the profit margin is zero, but in certain cases having all items on the report would help to have data to manipulate for other purposes.

I am not aware of any default profit margin report, I do not know what you refer to. In case you mean Profit & Loss Statement please present a case because it is not clear why and what you want to achieve.

I am talking about the Inventory Profit Margin report

I do not believe this would be a good idea. The Inventory Profit Margin report is fundamentally a report about a specific defined time period and the transactions during that time period that affect inventory profitability. I see no point to ever including zero-movement items in such a report, especially since the Inventory Value Summary and Inventory Quantity Summary reports already include the ability to include or exclude zero-movement items.

@mauroskov, you say having all items on the report would help for other purposes. What are those purposes? Whey cannot they be satisfied by other reports? If all you are looking for is a base from which to populate a spreadsheet, why can that not be done from the existing reports or by copying the Inventory Items tab list?

I am working on a report where I want to see the profit margin on each item for 2022, but I also want to check the remaining inventory quantity in stock and its value, plus the possible value of import duties to be paid on the share of the items that are still bonded or on the way to us. If I can have the requested option in the Profit Margin report then yes, I can copy and paste data from different reports and select the columns to I want to keep. Otherwise the list of items from different reports varies and hence the copy/paste work become very complicated as I have to add and remove rows for the items that are not in one of the report. I hope I have explained this well enough.

Ideally I could use a Custom Report to achive my goal, but I find the Custom Reports very complicated to use, and the guide gives only little information about them. A more detailed guide with templates would be highly appreciated.

Well, you would not be able to do this with a custom report, because those report individal ledger entries, not current status, movement, or margins.

What you want is quite specialized. You should start with one of the inventory summaries and add or subtract from there.

The solution you suggest would take way too much work. Some time back I requested the option “Exclude inventory items with no movement” and it was added to the Inventory Quantity Summary, my guess is that this is a very easy option to add.