Excel style formula in payslips

I am very sure that this topic has been raised many times before, but for the LOVE of MANAGER, I shall revisit. Please and kindly, introduce the ability to use Excel formulas in the payslip fields to enable us automate salary calculation where the salary varies from month to month. We prefer this because it would be less cumbersome if we were only to change the basic salary and all the other figures are calculated automatically.

For example, in my country, we have salary tax and a national health insurance deduction that requires an advanced Excel formula to calculate, so we would really appreciate if Excel style formulas were introduced.

Have a great year as you ponder over this.

Since you are “very sure that this topic has been raised many times before,” a simple search would have revealed it is already in the ideas category: Automating calculations in Payslips. Have you voted for it there? Scattering support for a suggestion through multiple threads on the forum lessens it chances of adoption.