Errors in Receipts and Payments & Cash Basis P&L report

After editing some descriptions in the Receipts and Payments table the Cash P&L reports contain errors in the amounts. The Accrual P&L reports are unaffected. This seems to be because some of the amounts in receipts and payments table are changed for some reason. Not sure what is going on.

Why do you expect them to match? And what changes?

Thanks for your reply. Actually I don’t expect the different reports to match! I am just reporting that some figures in the receipts and payments table seem to be corrupted when carrying out unrelated edits in the descriptions in the R&P table. This has happened to me once before and I reverted to a backup to fix. I just wonder if anyone else has had similar problem?

Please illustrate with screen shots. It isn’t clear what you are referring to.

Thanks for your interest! I’m not sure that screenshots would help as the Receipts and Payments table contains amounts as usual but the problem is that some of them are not as entered. If you looked at them it would not be clear what has changed. I was just mentioning that the report based on the amounts is obviously changed but the accrual P&L report (based on invoiced amounts) is OK. I am wondering what I have done to inadvertently mess up the R&P table.

Well, let’s start off with the simple things. What do you mean by “Receipts and Payments table?” There is nothing in Manager called by that terminology. What fields change, and where? Do they change back if you switch from cash to accrual? Even if you cannot illustrate the exact changes, you can illustrate what you are referring to.

The R&P is one of the tabs on the left on the main page. It is the very core of the data in Manager. It is the table which shows the transactions. I noticed after editing the descriptions on some of the existing entries in the R&P table that some of the amounts are not reported correctly in the cash P&L report - some of the amounts paid are shown to be different from those in the R&P. This problem does not occur on the accrual P&L report. It is a mystery!

The entries in the Receipts & Payments tab listing cannot be edited. So you must be referring to something else, perhaps fields on the receipt or payment forms themselves. As I have said, you need to post screen shots. If my guess as to what you are referring to is correct, you need to show Edit screens, not View screens. If you are not willing to do this, no one can help.