Change title in invoice from Invoice to Tax Invoice


I am using desktop installed version of Manager, due to changes in Tax department i have to change the title of Invoice to TAX INVOICE
I didn’t find any readymade template in the software. I don’t need one to create as i only need a minor change to make the title as tax invoice.
Please advice.

go setting /themes / plain.
plain theme is a tax invoice

@Z.ali read this guide:

If you use one of the UAE tax codes, sales invoices and credit notes are automatically retitled in accordance with the decree-law and implementing regulations. You do not need to change anything yourself.

This is not true unless a tax code is used that requires renaming of invoices.

Yes, i am referring to UAE but i don’t find UAE tax code under “Select in-built tax code” so i added one manually. OR do i need to update the desktop version of Manager? and how can i do that
please advise

Yes, you shoud make sure you are up to date. Although the change to Tax Invoice occurred more than a month ago, the change to Tax Credit Note was added within the last week. Update exactly the same way you originally installed, depending on your operating system. Do not uninstall anything first.

Be sure to make a backup of each business before updating, just in case something goes wrong.

Thanks, yes i did it, i just downloaded new version and reinstalled it, after backup. now UAE tax built in available and tax invoice is also coming, thanks for your help

The latest version (18.8.1) allows to rename Invoice to Tax Invoice or whatever required without resorting to custom themes.

See the checkbox at the end of the form.


But we cannot type the invoice title again and again.
Please suggest a default setting of this

Have a look at Set form defaults | Manager