Error: "Manager cannot start because it is already running"

A quick info dump on this topic. Here is the problem: I am running Manager under OSX, I move the Manager files, and this error comes up and Manager is dead in the water. It starts but you can’t do anything useful.

In this case, it means that Manager can’t find its data files. There is no way of telling the program from the interface where the new files are, so you have to do it manually.

Under OSX, and I assume other Unix installs as well (but not Windows), the default location for the Manager files is the directory/folder ~/.local/share/Manager

So if you are going to move these files to a more “friendly” location (in my case I want to have them on two machines and in a folder that gets automatically backed up (these are important files), then I need to create a sym-link from the default location to the new one. Assume my new location is /Users/home/bob/accounts/Manager, then

In a terminal:

cd ~/.local/share mv Manager Manager.orig # this saves the old files
$ ln -s /Users/home/bob/accounts/Manager Manager # creates a link to the new files

You should now be able to start up Manager and have your files in the new place.

Hope this helps … mark.