Entry does not seem to register in sum total


When I made an entry on the Sales invoice module, it seems that it did not show up as part of the sum total of the receivables for the month. I have the sum total which I always compare to the entries to make sure I entered all sales transactions in the correct amounts). But when I check the invoice, it is there. What I did was I just deleted it and reentered it again and now it is part of the total sum.

My question is: in what instances would this occur? I have seen several times where I sometimes do the back arrow and then when I click on the update it will just do some sort of a “am still processing” mode. Does it mean the data did not update all the database completely just some?

your question is like reading something out of a fictional book. you have not provided any details necessary to help identify your problem.
what Manager version?
what Manager edition?
what sum total? there is nothing in Manager called sum total.

When it next occurs post a screenshot of the edit screen of the invoice. Together with a screenshot of the total in which it is not appearing (a drill down on that total confirming it is not included.

Note screenshots should include the breadcrumbs showing how you got there (near the top of the screen)


Ok next time I see it I will post it. It was something that happened and I was not alert enough to take screenshots of it.

It was in the profit and loss statement which I see the total of sales revenue. I always compare it to what I add up manually looking at the invoices to serve as a check if I entered everything correctly.

Anyway, when I encounter it again, I will note what you said

Did your manual addition include taxes? The revenue account will not include the tax, so you should not expect it to match the total of all sales invoices.