Entering Cheques and trying to clear them when presented

I have entered a few cheques by clicking on the “uncleared payments” column in the bank account. They appear in there with the word “uncleared” in the status column.

Now I want to clear them as they appear on the statement but can’t find where to do that.

After clicking edit on the transaction then click on the Status

When you select Cleared as @Brucanna noted, you also get the option of putting in a date. This isn’t mandatory, but it may help for various purposes later to have the transaction date and the bank clearance date. Entering a clearance date does not affect the initial transaction date.

Thank you for your responses. I’m wondering if I have a setting to adjust as when I go to the uncleared transactions and click edit on the ones that need to be cleared I don’t get that option. Am trying to insert a screen print bit does not work? I have seen on examples that next to the Account, Amount and Tax line there should be the Uncleared/Cleared box but it is not there.

Thank you.

You might be using an older version. You should upgrade from https://www.manager.io

Thank you so much, that solved the problem and should have been what I tried first. Blame end of year business.