Cleared and uncleared amounts

I’m sorry to be thick, but I’m still trying to work out various things. I can see that the payments screen is marked “uncleared” receipts. (Incidentally, uncleared in the UK means not cashed at the bank). Where do the cleared payments go?

Manager’s terminology is the same. Uncleared deposits are those you have given to the bank but which do not yet appear on your statement. Uncleared payments are payments (such as cheques) you have made but which have not yet cleared the bank.

You can enter either by clicking on the blue number under the appropriate column heading in the Bank Accounts tab. A payment or receipt that clears instantly (such as a cash deposit or withdrawal) can be made by clicking on the blue number under the statement balance column.

When you’ve entered an uncleared transaction of either type, you can call it up and change to cleared using the dropdown box.

Can you be clearer as to which screen you are referring to here? There really isn’t a screen headed Payments. Are you talking about the account register? Or the uncleared payments list?

Hi, go to BANK ACCOUNT tab, see STATEMENT BALANCE click on your balance, you can see three type TAB and click TRANSFER MONEY

After rereading your question, I have a better understanding what you mean. When you change an uncleared transaction to cleared, it shows up under statement balance. Click that blue number and you will see everything that contributes to it.