Enhancing Search Capability

Hi, Thanks for the tool its really great.
Currently search option is in individual sections like PO, purchase invoice etc… Is it possible to create one Global search capability may be in Summary sheet? This enable to search for items across all sections.



The issue is that different types of data have different attributes. What you are asking is some full-text search across all data but it can get still tricky.

Let’s say you are searching for Telephone. Do you expect to find only transactions which mention “telephone” or any transaction which is posting to Telephone account too? How results should be sorted?

Most likely first level section by tabs and sort can be prioritize text by content or header (can be particular customer, inventory or direction of transaction or dates)

Can we have hashtags like bookmark purposes?

Hi, Thanks for providing free tool. Its really great. We are traders,
I want to track from Sale order → Sale Invoice with single click/view. How can I do that? Can we create soft like between Ex…and should able search as well.
Sale Order–>Purchase Order → Purchase Invoice → Sale Invoice.

Pls suggest any option.


If I understand you correctly, you cannot do what you ask. The search function searches what is on screen. It does not delve further into the database.

No search options OK. My requirement I should be able to see /view
Sale Order–>Purchase Order → Purchase Invoice → Sale Invoice @ one place by any means. Pls suggest.

One option would be “Custom field” which maintains status globally ie across all the forms. Currently custom fields just copies. Having this will help track the status across and have a linkage.