End of Year Set Period facility

Is is possible to have two buttons for (Set) period. At year end I am forever want to look up figures from the LAST PERIOD, whilst working on the CURRENT period.

A button for Current period and one for last period would be great if its not too difficult to implement or disruptive or insecure the system, I have the lock date set so I assume if you try and enter a transaction with the wrong set period it will have no impact.


You should only set the lock date once all the transactions for the last period are completed.
Until the lock date is set you can enter transactions into either period regardless of the set period. In another words, the set period setting doesn’t restrict you from entering any transactions.
Once the lock date is set, you can no longer post transactions prior to that date but can still post transaction to the current period even if the set period setting is for the last period.

The Set Period button also only affects what is displayed for income and expense accounts. Balance sheet accounts are not affected, because they are permanent.