Employees as Special Accounts

@lubos It would be nice if we were able to use employees as special accounts to keep track of many things, such as: petty cash, employee expense claims or employee benefit accounts to name a few.

Please consider this idea for future improvements

You can already do all those things without special accounts. And it would be better if you did to take advantage of various built-in features.

How is that?

Every separate cache of physical bills or coins should have its own cash account.

Expense claims are separated by expense claim payer in the Expense claims account or, if you use already-created employees instead of expense claims payers, in the Employee clearing account. See Set up expense claim payers | Manager and Use expense claims | Manager.

Benefit account details would depend on the kind of benefit you are tracking, but would generally be handled when defining payslip items. Possibly, you would need to also add custom fields.

To be more precise, in my country, expatriate employees who are not registered in a private pension scheme are entitled to an unfunded accrued benefit fully born by the employer as a function of their current basic pay and service period.

If I am not mistaken, what you suggest is issuing a zero-valued payslip where the earning is say “employee benefits expense” is that is entirely offset by a contribution to the benefit liability account?

Handling your specific situation depends on what you mean by “unfunded accrued benefit.” If the benefit is truly unfunded, there would be no accounting transaction to enter at all. You would simply keep a separate record.

More realistically, I suspect you are referring to creating a liability that is only paid at some future date, but for which you are setting aside funds now. That would be handled as a contribution payslip item, which is also described in the second link above. Special accounts would not be required, but pension liabilities for different employees would then be mixed in a single liability account. You could keep separate records of how that account is allocated.

You could, however, use special accounts set up under a single control account, Expatriate pension liabilities to separate the accounting for each employee. See the example for real estate trust accounts in this Guide: Use special accounts | Manager. You would not be creating special accounts made up of employees. Instead, you would create a custom control account, Expatriate pension liabilities, made up of special accounts. The special accounts would then be created in the name of each expatriate employee. That might sound like having special accounts made up of employees, but it would be different within the program. The first would lump all employees into the expatriate category. The second would only include the expatriates for whom you deliberately add special accounts, a much more controlled approach.

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