Employee opening balance


There is an issue when I try to assign employee opening balance.

  1. If I create payslip before start date in opening balances report “Liablilities” account does not contain payslip amounts.
  2. If I create payslip after start date I have doubled payslip of starting month, so I get wrong calculated month profit.


Employees can’t have opening balances set in the current version. Mostly because it’s assumed they get paid on the same day as the payslip is issued so their opening balances should be zero on any day. That is unless they don’t get paid in advance or similar.

Is this the case? Out of curiosity, why do employees have an opening balance in your case?


In the middle of current month our employees get payed for the previous month. So we create payslip with date of last day of previous month and then after two weeks we spend money to close employee balances.


Just curious, is my practice with payslips not common?


Not sure how common it is but I think ability to set opening balances for employees is a valid feature request. So it is now possible in the latest version (15.1.83)


I think, employee opening balance is not so important. But it is definitely important to input employee necessary information such as Designation, Joining Date, photograph. Please think about it.


True that will make payslips more professional