"Employee Clearing" not showing as an expense catagory

When I create my balance sheet, the payroll expenses that we pay out are not listed on our profit and lost report as an expense. Please tell us how to fix this. Why aren’t our payroll expenses showing on our P&L Reports along with our other expenses??

Do we have to make a separate transaction at the end of the year for the total amount of the “payroll slips” that are produced? I don’t understand why our payroll expense is not listed on our P&L Report.

Please help fix this.

please find the below guide it might help to solve the problem


if you still have the same issue. please provide more information to enable us provide the required support

I have done that and created a “test” pay slip. The amount is not showing in on my P&L as an expense. It is still under “liabilities”, not expenses…

There are several pieces to the payroll puzzle. You need to read all the Guides in the Payroll section.

Earnings entered on a payslip will show up in two places. The debit shows up in the account you designate when defining a payslip item. By default, that will be Wages & salaries. The credit shows up in Employee clearing account. The first, of course, is part of your Profit and Loss Statement. The second is part of your Balance Sheet.

Deductions are posted by default to Payroll liabilities. These are owed to outside entities, such as the government for taxes deducted, rather than the employee.

Understand that payslips do not record “payroll.” That is, they are not used to record payments to employees. They only create obligations and record expenses. The payments are separate, as per the Guide.


“Understand that payslips do not record “payroll.” That is, they are not used to record payments to employees. They only create obligations and record expenses.”

Ok, thank you.

We are a 1099 contracting company. We do not have “employees” but we want to track the amount of payroll we are paying out. Apparently the simplest way to track this is to use a “Pay Slip Summary.”

Personally, I would not recommend that. The payroll features interact with one another in Manager and you might run into unexpected consequences. In your case, you do not need to track deductions, withholding, employer contributions, or other things. You should handle your 1099 subcontractors as suppliers. Their invoices to you (in whatever form they take—possibly just time submissions) should be entered as purchase invoices. Accounts payable will show you what you owe them at any given moment. And you can get supplier statements showing the transactions affecting what you owe.

This will also be much cleaner from an audit perspective. Anything you do that makes your subcontractors look like employees will encourage the tax man to force you to treat them as such, with all the attendant headaches.