Employee Clearing Account for different staff categories

Ive set up 3 categories of staff payments for the factory production orders. These are whats seen as A B C categories. They show as minus because they are being accumulated in the inventory cost.

I also have office staff that do not work on production orders, so their salary is the balance that shows.

When I make a payment through a Payslip it connects through Employee clearing Account, which connected to the salaries and wages.

Is there a way to separate salaries and wages into 2 categories, namely office and factory staff, in order to separate the 2 types of salaries being paid. So that i know if the factory staff is being operated at an optimum.

In chart of accounts

  1. Rename the Salary & Wages group you created to Salary & Wages Factory and then assign the Salary & Wages (Factory) account to that

  2. Create Salary & Wages Workers group and Assign the Salary A, B and C accounts to that.

Thanks. This what i got.
Is there any way to know the total salary paid to specific category of staff?

What is speci staff?

Sorry, i meant specific category of staff.
So, i want to distinguish between office staff and factory staff.

The factory staff labour gets converted via a production order

Use custom control accounts.

But a payslip will only make the payment through staff and wages

Not true. You can post payslip items to any account set up for the purpose.

Thank you for your help.
So, i made a control account called Office Staff. Under the employees, and tagged the office employees to that control account. And the pay slips and payments all link to that control account. Great.

Now, in the summary, how do I make this office staff control account show next to the other salary and wages?

In the chart of accounts, it shows in another section, and im unable to edit it.

The “Office Staff” control account is a balance sheet account and should be in the “Liabilities” group.

You need to edit the Control Account and select the Liabilities group. It would also be a good idea to call the account “Office Staff Clearing Account”.


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You will also need to create a new Expense account called Office Staff Wages, and locate it under your Less Salary & Wages sub-total. Then set up the Office Staff wages Payslip Item to select this expense account.


You will also need to select the Office Staff clearing account in Employees that are Office Staff.

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Really appreciate you taking out the time to help.
I’ve renamed the control account > employees > office staff clearing account.

Then, i tagged the office staff to office staff cleaning account.
When i make the payment, it links it correctly.

So, i have 2 control accounts:
Employees clearing account
Office Staff clearing account

Now, I neee to see these figures in the summary, along with the factory wages.

Read https://www.manager.io/guides/9667

You need to setup income accounts and assign these to Expense accounts that you need to create in Chart of Accounts. This was explained by @AJD, i.e.

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You need to re-read the guides