Emailing receipts

Sorry if this is basic but i can’t seem to work out why when i go to email a receipt to a customer that their email address is not in the field?

I have added it to their profile…and it is there when i go to email them an invoice but not receipt. Can i fix this some how?

This hasn’t been implemented yet. You will see email pre-filled on invoices, quotes, credit notes, delivery notes but not on cash receipts.

Also don’t forget, most companies don’t email cash receipts, they will email customer statement once a month.


Are there any plans to implement this in the near future. I use the Receipt to acknowledge payment received and it would save a bit of time filling in email address and also property address filled in would be useful.

Hi @lubos

I second this request very strongly. I know not many businesses actually send receipts for payments made these days but I have one business that does this without exception for EFT payments received. I think it would be more widely used by the manager users if the facility was available…

The two bug bears is that the customers email doesn’t auto insert and the second is there is no email template for receipts , both have been mentioned in previous requests and replies.

I have found a workaround but it is very time consuming for the user and would it be that difficult to implement?, you have done so many helpful and useful things with manager , this request on the surface looks straight forward.

I know you have many priorities and road map for manager but if you could find time for this one it would be greatly appreciated by those that do send receipts to customers for payments received via bank account and cash.

Thanking you in advance.

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Agree with @hayz. + 1 for this request.

Has there been any further consideration to have the features as mention implemented. I always issue a receipt for cash payments received by our club members but need to be able send a system receipt to all who pay by direct transfer to our clubs account. At this time I have to copy and paste email addresses from another document to use this feature. The system is just waiting for this feature to be added. One can create invoices and email, receive payments at the bank and process payments via banks rules but cant yet conveniently direct email the receipt. I’m not fussed about a template but just having the customer emails auto added.

There has been no change. The reason there is no autocompletion of emails on receipts is that they are not associated with Customers, for whom an email address can be stored. Receipts simply go to Payees, for which there is no register.

Hi @Tut
I am aware that has been the issue right up till now having no way to link back to a customer by manager and thats fully understandable based on what you have said.

I put to you a suggestion or idea and ask @lubos and anyone else who could suggest something better than what i say now.

would it be possible to have a check box or field on the bank transaction entry screen next to the Payer name field to place the customer name there , so it will appear twice or just have a tick box to say customer so manager can know this entry is related to an actual customer name and use that as the default for email address when email is requested by user.

this request seems to only be relevant when emailing a receipt to a customer after payment received so I don’t think we would need anything more than a simple checkbox , if a customer you tick the box that says customer and if not leave blank.

I can’t see a reason for Supplier box or dropdown list to be added but others may see a reason?.

Thanks for your update and I hope this suggestion may solve this problem for all users.

The developer has written in the past that at some point in the future we will be able to associate cash receipts and payments with customers. At that point, your suggestion would probably be unnecessary. This has been in the ideas category of the forum since the category was created: Improvement to payment and receipt forms.

Hi @Tut

Good to know , I had no idea this was already being considered in the idea category , I was thinking this was only thread where I posted suggestion. I am pleased this approach has been being considered as I think it would work well if trialed and implemented.

The multiple threads can catch you out sometimes, Thanks so much for replying and advising.
I will reference the ideas thread in future on this request.